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Benefits of NAC Supplementation

N – Acetyl-cysteine or NAC is truly a wonder drug that has an FDA approval because of the various health benefits it has for the human body. Usually, they are easily found in protein foods in the form of amino acid cysteine. Dr. Ben Recommends Advanced Formula NAC is especially formulated using the highest quality standards to contain the best form of this compound. The NAC is delivered in the form of liqui-cap delivery, meaning a liquid form of NAC is contained in every veggie capsule as well as each time a liqui-cap is consumed, the contents are released into the blood stream via the stomach wall to ensure a rapid of absorption and the highest possible bioavailability of the supplement.


NAC has been studied and researched many times by different researching bodies and if there is anything similar to their findings, it is that NAC contains chemical substances that are clinically proven to aid in various physiological and pathological processes.  Which includes the ability to detoxify the liver from toxins, helps provide better breathing patterns by acting as a decongestant, it boosts the immune system to protect against many diseases by acting and enhancing the synthesis of the body’s natural antioxidant Glutathione.


The liver and the lungs are the primary beneficiary from Dr. Ben Recommends Advanced Formula NAC, since these two organs are responsible for the synthesis and breakdown of Glutathione. By NAC supplementation, the liver and the lungs are efficiently protected that keeps them functioning at their optimum level. Once these organs are kept in their maximum potential, the body is assured that the normal Glutathione reserves are enough to protect the different organs of the body.


The lungs are protected by NAC by acting as a mucolytic agent, therefore reliving the lungs from congestion that keeps the oxygen to freely pass to and from the lungs. Oxygen is the major fuel in the body, so once it is supplied by healthy lungs through the help of Dr. Ben Recommends Advanced Formula NAC, the body is kept at its highest levels of function. The American Thoracic Society calls ‘NAC the most common Mucolytic Agent’.


An addition benefit to the liver, NAC has also shown other medical uses such as Tylenol overdose, where the liver is intoxicated. NAC is used as an antidote to neutralize the toxic effects of Tylenol overdose to the liver. NAC protects the liver from damage as a result of its conversion to the amino acid Glutathione.


Dr. Ben Recommends Advanced Formula NAC formula also contains active phytochemicals and vitamins from its sesame seed oil content, vegetable cellulose properties, Beeswax, mixed Tocopherol and Chlorophyllin compounds.